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Tipsy Nights the Jungsik Dang Style

Koreans are known for their love of rice wine. The whole rice wine thing started during the war. The only accessible food at the time was rice grains. The soldiers did a fermentation process, and from there, they created a historic beverage that stayed with us up to this day. To celebrate life, we use rice wine as the ultimate beverage. Don’t worry, we also added some twists in our rice wine for people who don’t like the taste of it. Tipsy nights happen every Friday where every customer gets a bottle of rice wine free of charge. Our rice wine is perfect for our barbecue. It will complement other dishes. So if you are looking for something interesting to do on a Friday night, invite your friends and get tipsy at Jungsik Dang.

Celebrate With Us

Our restaurant can accommodate up to seventy-five people. So if you have an event close to that size, our restaurant might be the perfect place to hold it. Our restaurant has been booked by dating sites to hold the events. We did the right menu and some decorating to make the whole experience interesting. Contact us if you are interested in booking our restaurant for an event.

Want to Learn Korean Cooking?

If you are interested to learn Korean cooking, Jungsikdang accepts a limited number of students quarterly. We also sell Korean ingredients if you are planning to cook at home. Don’t miss the chance to join us when we open our doors for students. We only have limited slots. You’ll also learn the art of food fusion which is very interesting. It is the reason why we are chefs now.