Our Favorite Korean Food Fusion So Far

Food fusion is an exciting way to bring the excitement back to your hungry taste buds. Aside from that, it is also profitable for restaurants. Because food fusion creates curiosity among customers. And we love to be adventurous when it comes to food from time to time.

korean food

Western and Korean Fusion

Western food is about fried and meat. Mix it with Korean cooking, and you’ll get a well-balanced food. One of our favorites is the rice cake bacon roll. Rice cake has this gummy texture while bacon has a rich smoky flavor. The outcome is dynamic street food. Elitedating raved about this dish. The combination of these simple ingredients is perfect. You will wonder why this dish is only invented recently. Top this dish with the special soy sauce, and you are on your way to cloud 9.

Mexican and Korean Fusion

tacosYou’ll find this fusion awkward because Mexican food is totally different from Korean food. But when it comes to Mexican nachos, daring mix of ingredients is possible. We love kimchi tacos. If you are a vegetarian, you will love this Korean fusion to the core. The crunchiness, [e[[er, and spice of Kimchi and the softness of Mexican tacos reinvented how we viewed nachos in 360 degrees.

Chinese and Korean Fusion

If you’re Asian, this is something that you are already familiar with. We specifically love Tangsuyuk. It is Korean’s version of sweet and sour. The only difference of Tangsuyuk from a regular Chinese sweet and sour is the spices used. Korean would normally use apple juice to add sweetness to the dish. It is our second love when it comes to a sweet and sour dish. We also love the part where Koreans added sesame oil to give it a little twist and happy ending.

What Korean Food Fusion Do You Love So Far?

There are too many fusions to mention, so we just included those fusions that really created an impression in us. If you have other discoveries, share it with us.