Level-Up Common Kimchi Recipe

Are you tired of the normal cabbage kimchi? If you are looking for new ways to prepare kimchi, you are in for a treat. Kimchi offers a unique kind of spice and crunch in every bite. But there are so many ways to prepare kimchi. After all, kimchi is a versatile dish.


Scallion-Apple Kimchi

The traditional kimchi lacks sweetness and focuses on spice. Bring some sweetness to the traditional kimchi recipe by adding apples into the mix. Scallions, on the other hand, have a tangy taste. Combining apples and scallions is like getting the best of both worlds. Scallion-apple kimchi is the all-time favorite of colombiacupids. This dish goes well with other Korean dishes. It heightens the flavours and adds a unique flair in every bite.

Yeolmu Kimchi (Young Water Radish Kimchi)

Normally, we throw away the radish stalks and just keep the fruit. But Koreans found a way to consume this nutritious leaf by turning it into a kimchi dish. The next time you harvest radishes, don’t throw away the leaves. Instead, remove impurities and cut them into 3-inch long pieces. Radish stalks take time to ferment than cabbage. If you don’t want to wait, just blanch them in hot water. Don’t forget to drain excess water. After a day or two, you can start digging in this yummy recipe.

Oi Sobagi Kimchi

kimchiOi Sobagi stands for cucumber. It’s a kimchi version that doesn’t require fermentation. You will need fresh cucumbers, sliced cabbage, and kimchi paste. Mix the kimchi paste with vegetables, and stuff them to cucumbers. To make this dish appealing, learn some techniques from latin american cupid free trial. They have a special way of cutting cucumbers that makes the stuffing easier. Oi Sobagi is a great snack, especially for people who are in a carb diet. It is a satisfying dish without the hefty calories to burn.

Nabak Kimchi (Water Kimchi)

A contemporary kimchi version with subtle flavours perfect for kids and for people who don’t like spicy food. The watery appearance of Nabak Kimchi makes it less appetizing, but don’t let the looks fool you. It is one of the top dishes in asian dating experience because it has a nice smooth taste. Thanks to Minari (water dropwort), a crisp herb that completes the dish with a distinct taste. The process of making this is different. This time, we need to prepare the broth first made of gochugaru and seasoning. Once done, pour the vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, minari, and radish. Store it in an airtight jar container for a week before consumption.

You just got the top Korean fermented vegetable recipes. Kimchi is rich in probiotics which aid in digestion. So, keep a jar or two and don’t be afraid to experiment.