Discover Koreans’ Healthy Cooking


Western food is mainly composed of fat, protein, and preservatives. If you are familiar with one of our favorite chefs Jamie Oliver, he exposed some disgusting truth about fast food. He even documented an eye-opening documentary on how our modern eating behavior affects our children. On the other hand, we can incorporate some Korean style of cooking into our kitchen.

Balanced Meat and Vegetable Dishes

If you’ll ask Koreans from dating site reviews, they will tell you that eating pure meat with so little vegetables is unexciting. There is not much texture to enjoy. Bibimbap is a good example of a balanced meat and vegetable dish. It has meat, vegetables, rice, and rich pear sauce. It’s a complete food already. But Koreans will even add kimchi as a side dish.

They Love Fermented Ingredients

side dishesFermented food such as kimchi and fermented soybeans contain good bacteria which is good for the body. It prevents you from having constipation from overeating. Some dermatologist would agree that eating fermented food reduce acne. Korean fermented food is good for ematching other dishes. They use fermented soybean paste in sauces, soups, and marinate.

Variety of Side Dishes

Koreans will not settle in one dish. They could crowd the table with a variety of healthy side dishes. Side dishes are mainly made of spiced vegetables, egg rolls and sometimes rice cake. The preparation is quite tedious, but Koreans already know how to make these side dishes in bulk and store them inside the refrigerator. You should try Korean pickles too such as pickled onions, radish, and monggo sprouts.

Koreans are Generous When It Comes to Spices

Aside from chili, they would use different spices. Koreans love the flavor of their dishes, so they are very generous when it comes to spices. The would use plenty of garlic, onions, ginger, different kinds of pepper and leaks. If they are not satisfied with the flavor, they will add fruit juice, seafood broth. A typical Korean will find Western food bland. Their taste buds are designed for spice. The spices mentioned above have medicinal properties that help the body to heal and detoxify.

Roasted Sesame Seeds and Oil

Roasted sesame oil is usually used in most Asian dishes. It contains rich nutrients, incredibly very high in linoleic acid, the healthy fatty acid. Help promotes healthy blood pressure, arteries, and nerves. They keep the skin and other tissues youthful and healthy by preventing dryness and scaliness. It’s one of the main ingredients for seasoning, stir fry or streaming.

Meanwhile, roasted sesame seeds are usually used as a garnish. It adds a nutty, warm flavour, sesame smoke fragrant, and a crusty, crunchy texture to the dish. Typically it is a sprinkle used in Korean vegetable side dishes and also in dipping sauces.