Jungsik Dang New Flavours Every Week

We stay committed to bringing out new flavours every week. You will have always something to look forward to when you visit our restaurant. The idea is similar to Chef’s Table. You have no idea what will be served, but your expectations are high that it’s going to be Chef-quality dish. Creating the same dishes over and over again becomes tedious. Some chefs will even find it disenchanting. Even Jungsik Dang is not a fine dining resto that will charge hefty bills, we sharpen our skills by doing fusions every week.

Fusions That Made Us Famous

Jungsik Dang is earning a reputation from foodies. So, let us feature the fusions we made that made us famous.

Guchang Beef Burger

We incorporated the most famous spice in Korea “Guchang” to New York-style burgers. We added a hint of sweetness and spices. The burger itself is a work of art. It has kimchi, guchang sauce, caramelized onions, sesame soy sauce, caramelized peach in wine, and white cheese.

Korean Salad Sushi Plater

This dish is quite complicated because we had to deconstruct sushi and incorporate it with Korean salad. But we did a great job on this part. The salad has the right sourness and sweetness. We took the freshness to the next level by adding slightly smoked salmon, zest of lemon, and garnish the whole dish with seaweeds and our secret sauce.

Black Bean Noodle Reinvented

Jungsik Dang is a fan of noodles, so we decided to take it to the next level. We hand-pulled noodles to create that specific texture we love about noodles. Other ingredients are quite basic like the black bean sauce and Korean soy sauce. To create excitement, we made spicy crunchy tuna added to the mix. And top it with Jungsik Dang hot sauce.